Common Types of Network Devices

As our world becomes increasingly digital, there are numerous network devices that have come about to facilitate various operations. The term “network device” is fairly broad, covering simplistic unmanaged switches to robust routers. Additionally, various network devices can perform multiple functions, blurring the lines of classification. To assist you in better understanding the networking world, we will discuss some common types of network devices that you may run across.


A firewall is a type of network security device, utilizing established rule sets to monitor, permit, and block traffic. Firewalls can be software, hardware, or a blend, and their rule sets can vary in complexity based on the particular needs of a system. Packet-filtering firewalls are a fairly simplistic type, managing network connectivity based on IP addresses, packet types, and port numbers. Meanwhile, application firewalls are more robust, allowing for application-layer protocols to be used such as HTTPS, SSH, and SMTP.


Network switch components are the basic building block of Ethernet networks, establishing small LANs for managing the MAC addresses of connected devices so that traffic is correctly relayed on a network. Network switches can come in numerous types, the most common being unmanaged, managed, Layer 3, and stackable switches. Managed switches are quite common and diverse, facilitating the operations of home users and large corporate entities alike. Managed switches are often useful for their ability to create virtual LANs (VLAN) and quality of service (QoS) operations.


Routers are Layer 3 devices, serving to route packets between networks. Communicating between the internet and connected devices, the router facilitates traffic. Modern routers also permit connectivity to the internet through Wi-Fi, allowing for wireless connections to be established and managed with ease.


Modems modulate and demodulate signals between analog and digital forms, connecting a home or business network to the wider internet. Establishing communication with a network carrier, modems may come in the form of analog, cable, cellular, fiber optic, and xDLS types.


In the instance that a network signal needs to traverse an increased distance without losing quality and strength, a repeater may be used. As a type of signal booster, repeaters assist Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and other network connection types in terms of receiving a signal for rebroadcasting.


Gateways are very similar to routers, though they serve a very specific role in network communications. If there is no route to an IP address on a network during packet traversal, the data will be sent to the default gateway of the network. With the default gateway, the packet can be rerouted to its next destination with ease.


Hubs are considered to be a type of Ethernet repeater that operates at Layer 1, ensuring that multiple devices can be connected to the same network. It is important to know that they are unable to break up collision domains like a switch, thus all network hub ports are sent the same traffic.

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