When you are procuring parts such as fasteners for commercial and military applications, it is often highly recommended, if not required, that one procures options of the highest quality and caliber. Many industries feature rigorous regulations that necessitate highly reliable components for safety, and in such cases, operators will need to procure certified parts from a reputable distributor that can be trusted. To ensure authentic, high-performance components, it is best to find a distributor that has ISO certification. In this blog, we will discuss what ISO certification is, allowing you to better understand why it is so important that fastener distributors have compliant quality management systems.

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When people think about aircraft components and parts, people usually think of the larger, more interesting parts like the engine or the controls. People don’t generally think of the tens of thousands little parts holding together the plane that they are sitting in. Fasteners are, undoubtedly, the unsung heroes of aviation. Aircraft fasteners are a bit more special than regular commercial grade fasteners. While commercial grade fasteners are made with no corrosion-protection, low carbon steel to a tensile strength of 50,000- 60,000 psi, aircraft fasteners are made with corrosion resistant steal and heat-treated to a tensile strength of over 125,000 psi.

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