How Many Engines Does an Airplane Have?

There’s a common mantra amongst engineers: “just about any person can build a bridge that stands, but it takes an engineer to design a bridge that can barely stand.” This kind of mentality might strike some folks as a little unnerving but it’s this sort of value that has led to the successful construction of countless buildings, bridges, and of course airplanes. What a lot of people may not know is that some aircraft like the 747 aircraft can take off and fly with only two engines.

So why is it that the majority of planes, according to regulations set by the FAA and EASA need to carry four engines? The answer is simply that the more aircraft engines you have on an aircraft, the more reliable it is should any issues arise with it. Engineers can design a plane to fly sufficiently with two or three engines, and so, as an added measure, they add another to keep pilots and their crew from having to rely on only three engines.

At times, smaller planes-or planes with few passengers-will be approved for takeoff despite having only two engines running. This is because the plane is light enough that two aircraft engines will cooperatively keep the plane flying at cruise altitude. This changes with a full flight of passengers and with bigger planes. After all, 100,000 pounds is a massive amount of weight to carry and the more engines you have, the better thrust and power you have to reach higher altitudes.

Lastly, pilots will want to reach higher altitudes while flying because they can avoid turbulence and ensure for a smoother, more efficient flight. Having two aero engines may be able to clear some terrain but it’s no guarantee, which is why aviation engineers have mandated the power of four powerful engines to achieve inclines.

There are many measures to ensuring a safe certified aircraft and having four FAA approved engines is a vital step towards preventing AOG (aircraft on ground) or other complications. Engines play a significant role in flight operations, so it is of utmost importance that the parts used be 100% certified throughout the supply chain process. At ASAP Fulfillment, we recognize the value of having efficient aviation supplies, military parts, NSN parts, etc. and so we offer a diverse inventory of supplies that strictly abide by Federal Aviation Regulations. Feel free to look through our CAGE Code directory to browse through the supplies we offer.


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