What Are Network-Attached Storage Devices?

A network-attached storage (NAS) works to centralize data to simplify accessing stored information across multiple users and heterogeneous client devices. Allowing authorized users to access data from a centralized disk capacity, NAS are optimal if used when two or more servers need to access the same data. A convenient tool for archiving, data recovery, filing, emails, multimedia, databases, or printing jobs, NAS are a low-cost solution for organizations in part for their high capacity storage and ease of accessibility.

Created for the purpose of enabling users to easily interact, collaborate, and share data, NAS systems provide individuals with the potential to work remotely or within different time zones. As NAS are dependent on the connection to a wireless router, workers who have access to the system will be able to access files from any computer or mobile phone—provided that the device used to access files has already established a network connection to the NAS.  

Serving as the foundation for personal or private clouds, variations of NAS exist to best suit one’s needs, whether that be for large enterprises, small businesses, or home use. Supplying you access to data wherever you may be, components that construct NAS devices vary based on the degree of data being shared. While a small business or home office may only require one or two drive bays for noncritical data, large businesses require additional support to mitigate any chance of a data breach. For this reason, it is essential for large businesses or enterprises to implement a NAS system that has at least four drive bays.

Though it is not a NAS device, applications like Google Drive incorporate the same means of accessing files through a browser, desktop, and mobile phone. Although not all NAS incorporate identical features, for the sake of your understanding, we will reference Google Drive for its similarity to NAS. Like Google Drive, a NAS requires using a device which provides access to a user interface that is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, or other related network/internet access points. Similar to downloadable applications used to access data stored on Google Drive, NAS double the amount of optional applications one can use to tailor their specific NAS needs. With ten to twenty applications available for download on iOS and Android devices, various NAS apps allow users to customize their experience for streamlined access to specific files. Nevertheless, the primary factor that separates a product like Google Drive from being a NAS is its lack of application abilities. Unlike Google Drive, apps for NAS can be installed directly on a NAS device and remotely accessed from any web browser. Beside obtaining access from a computer or smartphone, NAS files can also be accessed from client applications, surveillance cameras, CRM/CMS systems, virtual machines, and more.

Despite their storage ability, NAS have their own unique limitations which can overwhelm the system. Impacted by the flow of traffic across a shared NAS space, multiple users requesting the input and output of content can hinder data transfer and slow down processes. In addition, an overabundance of requests sent to a NAS for fulfillment can increase the risk of system operational errors, and potentially result in permanent data loss. To ensure information is reliably sent, received, and saved, NAS should be arranged in logical order within redundant storage containers like RAIDs. Supplemental NAS products are also available for those who rely on the transfer of heavy data, bolseting performance, redundancy, and high availability without interruption.

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