What are Spur Gears?

Out of every standard gear used for mechanical systems, the spur gear remains the most simple and widely used. Typically, they consist of a circular gear body with straight teeth across the entirety of the circumference. They also feature parallel and coplanar shafts. Alone, spur gears can provide for rotational motion, though if paired with a gear rack, can also create linear motion. Spur gears can be produced from a variety of materials, ranging from metals to polycarbonate plastics. Due to their simplicity, spur gears are easy to design and produce, thus making them very cheap and economical for a wide range of applications.

Spur gears serve two very important roles, those being precisely controlling speed and power within a gear system. As the teeth of the spur gear engage the other components as they generate movement, they can also affect their speed to make movement faster or slower as needed. This also factors into the gear’s ability to affect power, as like speed, the gear can manipulate the torque of connected components. Alongside power control, spur gears allow for the conversion of energy into electrical energy, making them very beneficial and widely utilized.

With their functionalities, spur gears are commonplace in applications such as washing machines, dryers, clocks, egg beaters, and more. Due to the constant collision of teeth as the gear spins, spur gears can produce an excess amount of noise at higher speeds. This makes them less used in certain instances such as automobiles, which feature helical gears and bearings instead to be quieter. Within aircraft engines, this generated noise is much less of an issue and thus spur gears are used more than other types that may suffer from thrust loads. Spur gears are also used within trains and bicycles as well where noise is not an issue.

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