What Types of Hydraulic Jacks Are Used in Industrial Applications?

Hydraulic technology has become a mainstay in a wide range of industries, powering tools, vehicles, and power transmission systems. One such application, in particular, that has recently become popular is the hydraulic jack. These machines can be used to lift heavy loads with unmatched efficiency and minimal energy input. In this blog, we will discuss the design and numerous applications of hydraulic jacks across the several industries in which it is implemented.

Hydraulic jacks may find use in any industry requiring heavy products to be lifted. In automotive manufacturing, jacks are used to raise or lower the vehicle to allow for a thorough inspection. While other types of lifts may also support the weight of a car, none move with the precision and accuracy of hydraulic-powered models. Meanwhile, the construction industry relies heavily on hydraulic lifts for both large-scale movement, such as moving heavy materials, and also small machines such as bulldozers and elevators.

When used in mining, hydraulic lifts facilitate the safe and precisely controlled movement of heavy rocks or other mined materials. In agriculture, hydraulic lifts may be found as standalone machines for vehicle inspection and maintenance or integrated with other farming equipment to transport large amounts of yield. Similarly, lifts may be implemented in the marine industry during ship construction or to load heavier equipment onto existing ships.

Hydraulic jacks may be classified by either their construction material or the application that they serve. Some of the most common jack types are listed below:

Aluminum Jacks

Aluminum jacks are regularly purchased by consumers to lift their vehicles during at-home maintenance. In this case, the jack is very portable and may only be rated for 3 tons of weight. However, some manufacturers produce industrial-grade aluminum jacks which can support up to 35 tons.

Self-Locking Cube Jacks

When an application demands a more predictable elevation and depression of materials, self-locking cube jacks may be used to move the load incrementally. These jacks are designed to lock at particular points until released and are compatible with forklifts and other hydraulic connections. They are also incredibly compact for their capabilities and may be easily transported around a worksite.

Steel Jacks

Steel jacks are nearly identical to their aluminum counterparts in regard to function and design, but are much more durable. Additionally, with a more sturdy frame, the maximum lift capacity of steel jacks may be up to 100 tons.

Hand Jacks

This specialized jack is commonly found on two-pronged pallets and is used to transport products throughout a warehouse. These jacks are designed to support lighter loads while also remaining close to the ground during operation.

Toe Jacks

These versatile jacks are used in industrial machinery, cargo, rigging, and other applications to lift up to 20-ton loads. They also carry the benefit of being the most compact, often being no taller than 12 inches when fully retracted. With their unique modular design, toe jacks may be chained together and linked with a hydraulic pump to support higher capacities and may also be easily maintained with quick access to internal components.


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