10 Must-Have Pilot Accessories

As an aircraft pilot, you should always prepare to expect the unexpected. Whether you are a seasoned flyer looking to optimize your gear, or a rookie looking to stock up on essentials, you’ll benefit from this list of the top ten pilot accessories.

1. Flight Bag - You will want efficiency, and organization is key. Proper flight pilot bags are lightweight, with various pockets you can designate to specific items. For comfort, keep a look out for sturdy straps or handles that allow different ways of carrying.

2. Updated Charts - Follow this golden rule: if your chart is more than 8 weeks old, it is most likely not up to date. It is vital to carry updated aeronautical charts of the regions you are flying. These charts will alert you to crucial information such as obstructions and airport protocol changes. The FAA frequently releases updated chart editions on its website.

3. Navigation Software- Navigation software is a convenient aid to have in the cockpit. You can cross reference your map reading skills and plan your flight routes with ease.

4. Kneeboard  - A kneeboard allows you to attach your smartphone or tablet securely to your knee for safe accessibility. You will likely want to keep your notes and a pen or pencil handy, so keep a lookout for a kneeboard with these capabilities. Look out for a kneeboard with a secure but adjustable strap to ensure comfort for your time in the air.

5. Sunglasses - Like any maverick out there, you’ll need a pair of reliable sunglasses. When looking for a good pair, use the following guidelines:

  • Large lenses, for better field of view
  • Unpolarized, to ensure you can clearly read your aviation screens and instruments

6. Headset - A reliable personal headset is an excellent investment for pilots. The amenities and cost vary across the board, but a good headset will be comfortable, and provide clear sound.

Look for easy volume adjustment, microphone adjustment options, and compact storage capabilities.

7. Handheld Satellite Device - One of the most practical pilot supplies to have on hand, is a handheld satellite device. A device of this nature allows you to have satellite coverage for any necessary communication, even in more remote locations. This safeguard provides peace of mind for any surprises on your flight.

8. Airfield Guide - A pilot license gives you the exciting freedom to fly to a number of locations but flying into new areas can bring with it unanticipated circumstances. You will want to have a go-to airfield guide on hand. It places airfield locations, important phone numbers, and helpful suggestions right at your fingertips.

9. Digital Logbook Software - Logging your flight hours can get tedious as you progress in your career. So, you should look for software with the following capabilities:

  • Ability to export
  • Downloadable to tablet or smartphone

10. Motion Camera - On a functional note, you can use footage captured to analyze your flying techniques. On a more fun note, the views from the flight deck are one of the most captivating parts of the job. Having a motion camera on hand can help capture some of your favorite moments in the skies.

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