Self-Cleaning Tech for De-Icing

One of the most important parts about aviation is maintenance. Modern aircraft are maintained in many different ways. For example, electrical and mechanical parts replacements, repairs, anti-corrosion treatment, and de-icing. Specialists maintain the aircraft and make sure they stay fully operational, adhering to the strict regulations set by governing agencies like the FAA. These guidelines are mandatory for all airlines, charter companies, and other persons who work with or operate aircraft. They detail every part of the maintenance process, even de-icing.

De-icing planes is a tedious task that requires heavy machinery and major manpower. Recently, supersonic business jet developer Spike Aerospace has been seeking ways to reduce the cost and manpower required for de-icing. So, they turned to Innovasonic’s self-cleaning technology. This technology is looking to make de-icing and cleaning the aircraft easier. This technology called PiezoWipe. It uses ultrasonic energy from a transparent micro transducer array in glass or film. According to Innovasonic’s CEO, Boris Kobrin, PiezoWipe can remove contamination such as fog and ice from aircraft sensors, glass components, displays.

Innovasonic’s new PiezoWipe is looking to be the newest product to disrupt the aviation industry. What's amazing about this is that will allow for wiper less windshields not only for planes, but for cars and drones too. This is a boon for the automotive industry because it means better visibility and safety for drivers. It’s also a boon for drones because this technology can keep all the sensors on the UAV clear and operational. The PiezoWipe is extremely valuable in adverse weather. But that’ll probably not be anytime soon. In the meantime, we’ll still need to make sure we have good windshield wipers and cleaning equipment. 

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