Understanding the Fundamental of Aircraft Fasteners

When people think about aircraft components and parts, people usually think of the larger, more interesting parts like the engine or the controls. People don’t generally think of the tens of thousands little parts holding together the plane that they are sitting in. Fasteners are, undoubtedly, the unsung heroes of aviation. Aircraft fasteners are a bit more special than regular commercial grade fasteners. While commercial grade fasteners are made with no corrosion-protection, low carbon steel to a tensile strength of 50,000- 60,000 psi, aircraft fasteners are made with corrosion resistant steal and heat-treated to a tensile strength of over 125,000 psi.

Typically, aircraft fasteners are held to higher standards out of necessity. Every milligram counts when it comes to aircraft, so, the metals and alloys used in aircraft fasteners are specific to the needs. Aluminum is lightweight but cannot stand temperatures higher than 250 F. Super alloys are better at dealing with extreme stress such as temperatures of -420 to 1200 F or pressure of up to 220,000 psi. Titanium is almost as lightweight as aluminum, but stronger and more resistant to temperatures of -350 to 800 F. And steel, while strong and durable, is very heavy and not good at extreme temperatures unless properly treated.

While the biggest difference between aircraft fasteners and commercial grade fasteners is the material, there are little differences between the two in certain types of fasteners. For example, aircraft bolts are typically lighter and stronger and aircraft nuts tend to have a locking device to keep them in place. Other common aircraft fasteners include washes and fastener covers. Fastener covers are needed in order to protect nuts, bolts, and washers from atmospheric pressures and damages.

As you can see, aircraft fasteners require significantly more care than commercial grade fasteners. And rightfully so. To hold a several-ton hunk of metal together and have it airborne and flying takes a lot of careful designed and manufacturing. If you’re in the market for aircraft fasteners, contact us at ASAP Fulfillment. Here at ASAP Fulfillment, an ASAP Semiconductor owned and operated website, we are the premier supplier of aviation components. You can get all your aircraft fasteners and fastener covers with us. For a quote, feel free to call us at +1-714-705-4780 or email us at sales@asapfulfillment.com. We are available and ready to help 24/7, 365 days a year.


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