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GSE, ground support equipment, are the various tools and equipment used to support or service a plane when it on the ground. Typically found in the terminal area of an airport, GSE’s typically involve ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and cargo/passenger loading operations. Typical GSE’s include PCA hose units, GPUs and lavatory service carts, platforms and lifts, tarmac equipment, and tows.

PCA hose units are pre-conditioned air hoses for use with aircraft air conditioning and heating systems that are constructed with two-ply, heavy-duty, and abrasion-resistant vinyl-coated fabric with moisture-proof insulation between the plies.

GPUs are ground power units, vehicles capable of supplying parked aircraft with power. And lavatory service carts are waste tanks that aircraft waste is drained into. New products such as the JetGo 600Mti-RJ Ground Power Unit and the Safe-Lav Lavatory Service System manufactured by Aero Specialties, allow for easier servicing of planes.

Platforms and lifts are equipment used to ease the access of the body of the plane to mechanics and servicers for repairs and maintenance. Manufacturers like ModTruss are now developing stackable shoring blocks and customized configuration to suit individual plane models such as the Embraer 190 or the Boeing 737 for further efficiency.

Tarmac equipment is generally used to clear up the tarmac of debris and litter, which are safety hazards on the runway. Manufacturers like the FOD Control Corp. have created foreign object damage/debris control products which more efficiently sweep up and clean the runway.

Tows are used to push and pull the grounded aircraft to and from the terminal. Manufacturers such as TowFlexx have created tows and tugs capable of moving aircraft up to 220,000 lb. and lifting 25,000 lb.

GSE are very important equipment to have and maintain if you’re an airport, airline, or maintenance, repair, and operations provider. They’re vital to servicing and repairing grounded aircraft as quickly and efficiently as possible. The longer an aircraft is downed, the more money is being wasted, because time is money. So, if you’re in need of GSE aircraft parts, aircraft engine parts, or landing gear parts, check us out ASAP Fulfillment. ASAP Fulfillment, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, is the premier supplier of aviation components. We can get you all the GSE’s you need at the fastest turnaround times and shipping times on the market guaranteed. To get started, call us at +1-714-705-4780 or email us at


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